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Permanent Ink U.V. Marker Pen

Permanent Ink U.V. Marker Pen
USD $9.95
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Unlike other products on the market, this high quality permanent ink UV marker pen does not require an overseal. Many uses include:

  • Theft Recovery
    Police usually check recovered stolen property for markings under an ultraviolet light to help them return it to its rightful owner.
  • Invisble Inventory Marking
  • eBay Fraud Prevention
    Use this pen to mark a high-value object being shipped to a customer to avoid a common scam involving them returning a similar object as the one you sent them with the claim that what you sent was broken during shipment. Simply check for the mark you made; if it is missing they have sent you something other than what you sent them!
  • Event access control
    Use this special marker to make a mark on people's hands when they enter your event (and use a U.V. light to check it later). This will all you to offer in and out privileges without requiring visible marks on people's hands.
  • Pranks
    Know someone who visits areas which often have U.V. lighting? (bowling alleys, raves, ...). Give them a surprise when they find out what is written on something of theirs!
  • And more...
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