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OmegaSphere InstantSSL SSL Security Certificates

OmegaSphere sells the most cost effective fully validated and fully supported SSL Certificates available!

Reasons to choose our SSL certificates over others:

  • As trusted as Verisign & Thawte, yet a fraction of the price
  • 99% browser ubiquity
  • All certificates issued are capable of 128 bit encryption. We find it irresponsible to issue weaker certificates; the labour required to issue them is the same, and with modern processing power, 40 bit certificates are quickly becoming nearly meaningless.
  • Validation processes as strong as Verisign and far stronger than GeoTrust
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 30 day free replacement and resissue policy
  • Varying levels of warranty for specific site needs
  • Free SecuritySpace security audit
  • Free TrustLogo (worth $119) with every InstantSSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificate

Still not convinced? Try one of our free 30 day trial certificates 100% risk free. They are as validated as our regular certificates and you will be able to use them on your actual website.

All certificates are issued through the Comodo certificate authority and use the IdAuthority network to reduce validation time.

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All prices listed in US dollars.