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Review of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts Group for the Millennium Year

     The Sea Dragon Sea Scout Group is an open group which is registered in the Richmond and Coquitlam Districts of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Coast regions in British Colombia, Canada

     The group charter was officially signed on March 1st, 1986

     The founder of the group is Mr. Manfred Chan. He also has served the Group Scout Leader until 1989 when Mr. William Chan assumed the leading position as the Group Scout Leader. Since then, Mr. William Chan has endeavored to develop the group with the support of each and every leader under his influential guidance.

     In its sixteen years of history, the group has gained a very high reputation in the community for its excellent service offered by 400 members, 50 active leaders, three Sea Cub Packs, three Sea Scout Troops, two Venture Sea Scout Companies and one Rover Sea Scout crew. The above group forms a total of nine sections and has thus become the only complete Sea Scout group in the entire province of British Columbia.

     As far as the operation of the Sea Dragon Sea Scout is concerned, Commodore Manfred Chan has written out guidelines providing standard and unified direction with respect to educational and physical training programs for the leaders; to encourage the progress and development of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts. With such guidelines the members of Sea Dragon Sea Scouts, including the existing leaders and also the new leaders-in-training can work together efficiently and successfully.

     Commencing from 1998, in order to encourage the leaders to offer their best to the organization, ceremonies to present the Sea Dragon Blue Medal has been held annually. Awards are presented to leaders who offer excellent services, and also for their continued service. In addition, medals are also awarded to individuals who donate financially to the group, and also in other cases of valuable assistance. Up to this date, six blue medals have been presented.

     During the past sixteen years, the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts have participated in a number of competitions. In 1987 and 1988, we were the winners of the Regional Sea Scouting Regatta. The group also won a number of awards at the Victoria Regional Regatta.

     A member of a Scouting group must not ignore the importance of serving the community. This is why the members of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts participate frequently in various community services, such as "Walk with the Dragon" organized by Success, from the first year until now without interruption. Our group also participates in fundraising organized by the "Heart and Stroke Foundation" and "Timmy's Telethon" for B.C.'s disabled children.

     In 1998, the Sea Dragon Sea Scout attended the Sea Festival held in Seattle under the sponsorship of the BSA Sea Scouts. In addition, we organized the International Deep Sea Expedition and the International Sea Scout Regatta. The first Sea Scout Woodbadge II was held by Commodore Manfred Chan to enhance Sea Program awareness, as well as the first Cub Pack Woodbadge II in Chinese was held by Mr. Chan as well.

     In 1999, one might sat that this was a year of "High Adventure" to the group, and also a "Friendship Year". This year our group joined the "Haalem Jamborette" in Holland, and also visited historical sights in England that explained how Scouting was originally formed by B.-P. There we visited the Gilwell Park, Brown Sea Island and B.P. International House. We met all the wonderful friends of Scouting and even the Chief Commissioner of England, Mr. Bill Cockcroft. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit these sights, as well as meet all these important members of International Scouting.

     This year, there were eleven Venturer Sea Scouts who achieved the Queens' Venturer Awards, the highest record above all other years. Also, twenty-four of our Leaders achieved their Woodbadges. The achievement by the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts relied heavily on the assistance and services offered by our diligent leaders, and also on the guidance given by those who support scouting in the community.

     Earnestly, we hoped out leaders and friends to continue to uphold their principles in high spirit and maintain their enthusiasm in working for our group.

     Since we have proudly worked toward greater successes during the past fifteen years, we shall march together towards the 21st Century with our high Scouting spirit and pride.

Chairman & Founder
Manfred Chan

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