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Sea Dragon Sea Scouts Leaders

Leaders of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts group who were presented with medals by the Governor General of Canada are as follows:

Mr. Manfred Chan
      was awarded the Silver Acorn, the highest award in the Provincial level. Mr. Chan founded the Sea Dragon Sea Scout Group 15 years ago. Numerous young people were trained by him and receive awards annually. Mr. Chan has served scouting for 48 years since he joined scouting in 1952. In addition to being the Chairman of the Sea Dragon Sea Scout Group, Mr. Chan was the assistant regional commissioner for the sea program since 1987 and now is the assitant provincial commissioner for the international scouting and also sea program for B.C./Yukon council. He is truly worthy of this honor.

Mr. William Chan
      was awarded with the Medal of Merit. Mr. Chan joined Scouting in the early 50's and has served in scouting for over 40 years. He has preformed the duty of the Assistant District Commissioner of the Richmond Bogside District.

Mr. Daniel Wallace
      was awarded with the Medal of Merit. Mr. Wallace has served in scouting for more than 60 years. During that time, he has assisted in the training of the members of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts for the past 10 years. Mr. Wallace currently holds the position of Commodore and Senior Advisor of our group.

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Yip
      were awarded with the Medal of Good Service. They have participated in Sea Scouting activities for 10 years. Both of them have worked consistently towards the operation of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts Group and helped the youth members to achieve their goals. In addition to her full time office job, Mrs. Yip has spent her entire leisure time to serve Scouting.

From left to right: Dinah Yip, Dan Wallace, Manfred Chan, William Chan
[Picture of Leaders]
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The following leaders of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts were decorated:

The Queen's Golden Jubilee
Commemorative Medal
2003 - Mr. Manfred Chan
The Silver Acorn
1998 - Mr. Manfred Chan
The Medal of Merit
1989 - Mr. Manfred Chan
1998 - Mr. William Chan
Mr. Daniel Wallace
The Good Service Medal
1998 - Mrs. Dinah Yip
Mr. Fred Yip
The Sea Dragon Blue Medal
1998 - Mr. Manfred Chan
Mr. William Chan
Mr. Daniel Wallace
Mr. Leung Ming Cheung
Mrs. Dinah Yip
Mr. Raymond Chung
2000 - Mr. Des Haigh
Mrs. Susana Chui-Ng
Mrs. Anita Lee
Mr. Jackson Yiu
Mr. Donny Lam
[Photo of Medals]
The Long Service Medal
35 years - Mr. Manfred Chan
30 years - Mr. William Chan
25 years - Mr. Daniel Wallace
10 years - Dinah Yip
Susana Chui-Ng

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