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Sea Dragon Sea Scouts Boating Program

      During the spring and summer seasons, the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts offer a training program based at Jericho Sailing Center for their youth and leaders. The objective of this is to offer training opportunities for our youth for them to complete award requirements (such as the Chief's Scout of Queen's Venture Award), and also for our leaders so they can offer better programs for our youth.

      The Sea Dragon Sea Scouts operates a fleet of canoes out of the Jericho center. These canoes are well maintained and are in good condition; they also can accommodate two to three Sea Scouts. They are used in our training program when the wind becomes less than desirable for sailing and offer a viable alternative to the other boats in our fleet. They are not only used in our training program, but are used in Sea Scout Regattas and other expeditions that our Sea Scouts participate in.

Wind Surfing
      Wind Surfing is another option for training that the Sea Dragon's offer in their program. Requiring strong physical strength and a mastery of sailing theory, wind surfing is without doubt one of the more difficult programs that the Sea Dragon's can offer. The small sail self propelled craft can be one of the quickest and maneuverable sail craft on the water.

Sail Boat: Walker Bay
      Purchased last year, the Walker Bay class boat is our "starter" craft for our CYA Sailing Training Program. Designed and used in training the Sea Cubs, the Optimist type single sail craft is perfect for learning the basics of sailing. The boat is east to rig and handle with its limited amount of rigging. Using this class of boat allows younger students to start learning on the White Sail program, while not being intimidated with larger craft.

Sail Boat: Pirates
      The Pirate class is the mainstay of the Sea Dragon's fleet and our sailing training program. Designed for the training for the CYA White Sail program, the Pirate is used by our Sea Scouts and Venture Sea Scouts. The Pirate is the perfect middle-class boat, which as rigging for two, sailing and hiking with two straps and can do all other kinds of maneuvers.

Sail Boat: Laser I & Laser II
      The Laser is the last step for our Sea Scouts in our sailing training program. All our advanced training programs, including the CYA Bronze Sail program, are taught on the popular class - the Laser. Engineered for two people, the Laser offers a wide range of training options including: two sail operations, spinnaker, trapeze, and advanced sailing techniques.

Rescue Training
      The Rescue Training is specifically for those youth helping out in the Service Committee for the summer training program, or for our leaders who are interested in helping out with the program in the summer. We train our Rescue candidates in handling all kinds of emergencies that would arise from operating our training program in Jericho harbor. In addition, they are also trained in marine-specific first aid and treatment for hypothermia. The Rescue personnel will train and will perform their duties on the Zodiac rescue craft which the Sea Dragon own and operate.

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