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Founding of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts

     By virtue of Mr. Manfred Chan, who submitted an application to Scouts Canada in 1986, the 2nd and 3rd Richmond Bogside Scout Groups were officially founded and registered with the Vancouver Coast Region, and a Sea Scout Group was later registered in the Coquitlam district, Fraser Valley region, British Columbia. These three groups are also known as the Sea Dragon Sea Scout Group.

     In the course of sixteen swift years, the wide range of activities conducted by the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts and their conduct during these events became their brilliant history.

     From two crews to nine sections, the evolution of the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts materialized step-by-step, credit going to the consistent support this organization had from the Chinese Community. Hard working and utmost services offered by the leaders continuously in the past as well as at present also served to further develop this group.

     Sincerely, I would like to pay my warmest tribute to those who endeavored to promote Scouting. Furthermore, I also hope that all of us will carry on the tradition and open a path to those who follow in our steps to promote Scouting with unified strength and experience. The younger generation can develop their potentials though participating in Scouting activities. May the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts proudly march onward to the twenty-first Century.

Group Scouter
William Chan


     Since it's establishment, the Sea Dragon Sea Scouts strictly follow the highly respected principals of Scouting - endeavoring to guide our young members to develop their potentials and to building up their perfect personality to better serve society.

     On the occasion of the Groups sixteenth Anniversary, I would like to celebrate this particular year with a few words addressed to our members.

     Please continue to carry on the past traditions and open a path for the youth that are willing to serve the Community by helping each other respectfully.

Honorable Chairman
Leung Ming-Cheung

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